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How do you stop underage drinking? County will consider fines for property owners
Thurston County Commissioners will conduct a public hearing Tuesday on a new ordinance that would implement civil penalties — a fine of as much as $250 — for people who … Click to Continue »
Traffic Q&A: What are the rules on signaling in a roundabout?
Q: What is the proper use of one’s turn signal in a roundabout? Is there a different use in a two-lane versus a one-lane roundabout? — Howard S., Gig Harbor … Click to Continue »
Judging Olympia’s best baked good wasn’t ‘easy as pie’
What makes the perfect pie? A flaky crust? A sweet, fruity filling? Should it have unusual ingredients or intricate design? Judges attempted to find Olympia’s perfect pie Saturday at the … Click to Continue »
Olympia wants to know (again) what you think about downtown parking
The public is invited to take a survey about parking in downtown Olympia as part of a new 10-year parking strategy. The online survey is available through March 3 at … Click to Continue »
Jeff Gadman says his last day on Lacey City Council will be March 9
Lacey City Councilman Jeff Gadman, who was appointed Thurston County treasurer last week, announced his resignation to the council Thursday night, effective March 9. Although he didn’t have to resign, … Click to Continue »