Matt Case - June 7th, 2024 - 8:10am PDT 

    YouTuber Faces 10 Years for Helicopter Fireworks Stunt Targeting Lamborghini

    LOS ANGELES — Alex Choi, aka Suk Min Choi, is facing up to ten years in federal prison after filming a dangerous stunt in which fireworks were launched from a helicopter at a $300,000 Lamborghini. The spectacle, set to Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA," was crafted for his nearly one million YouTube subscribers.

    The 24-year-old was arrested in California on Wednesday. U.S. prosecutors stated that the FAA has also revoked the helicopter pilot’s license for violating altitude regulations and failing to display the helicopter’s registration number. According to the complaint, the pilot's actions were deemed "careless or reckless," posing a hazard to people and property.

    The stunt, recorded last year to celebrate the Fourth of July, took place over El Mirage lake in the Mojave Desert. Choi appeared in LA Superior Court on Thursday but has not yet been arraigned. Law enforcement believes the video, titled “Destroying a Lamborghini with Fireworks,” was filmed in June and was recently deleted from YouTube....but we got part of it right here!!! 

    The video shows Choi pressing a “fire missiles” button while two women launch fireworks at the speeding Lamborghini. Investigators identified Choi as the filmmaker through behind-the-scenes footage where he coordinates the shoot and thanks a camera company for “being a part of my crazy stupid ideas.”

    Authorities allege that Choi conducted the fireworks display without a permit and transported illegal fireworks from Nevada into California. During the video, Choi is seen standing next to the helicopter, holding what appears to be a firework, and at one point admits to a mishap during production.

    The arrest and subsequent investigation underscore the serious legal repercussions of such high-risk stunts, despite their entertainment value on social media.