Matt Case - June 18th, 2024 - 7:18am PDT 

    Des Moines Dog Named 'Kevin' Breaks Guinness World Record for Tallest Living Dog

    Des Moines, Iowa – Meet Kevin, the Great Dane from Des Moines whose towering presence has earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records. Standing at a staggering three feet, two inches from paw to ear, Kevin is now officially the tallest living dog on the planet.

    When he rises on his hind legs, Kevin measures around six feet, making kitchen counters easily within his reach without the need for a jump. This remarkable height hasn’t gone unnoticed, drawing attention from the Guinness team and dog lovers worldwide.

    Despite his impressive size, Kevin has his vulnerabilities. The towering canine harbors a surprising fear of the household vacuum cleaner, adding a touch of humility to his otherwise grand stature.

    For context, Kevin’s height is roughly ten times that of the world's smallest dog, Pearl, a Chihuahua who is barely the size of a dollar bill. Kevin's entry into the record books highlights the astonishing diversity within the canine world.