Matt Case - January 29th, 2024 - 8:25am PST 

    SHANGHAI, China  — In a striking testament of her deep affection for her pets, an elderly woman identified as "Liu" in Shanghai, China, has chosen to disinherit her human children, diverting a substantial $2.8 million fortune to her cherished dogs and cats.

    Liu, whose given name remains the sole identifier, has disclosed her decision to exclude her three offspring from her will. According to her, this change in her will, which she made several years ago, reflects her children's perceived lack of care and visits, as they have reportedly maintained minimal contact with her.

    The question of who will oversee the distribution of this substantial inheritance to her furry companions has emerged. The responsibility will fall upon a local veterinary clinic, which will act as the designated inheritance administrator while tending to the welfare of the animals.

    This extraordinary story underscores the depth of human-animal bonds and raises intriguing questions about the allocation of wealth for the well-being of pets.