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    Matt Case - June 24th, 2024 - 10:04am PDT 

    'Wild Thang' Crowned Winner of World's Ugliest Dog Contest

    The World's Ugliest Dog contest celebrated a new champion this weekend as "Wild Thang," an 8-year-old Pekingese, claimed the title in California.

    After placing as runner-up three times in previous years, Wild Thang finally secured the top spot, delighting the crowd with his quirky charm and distinct appearance. His victory earned his owner a $5,000 prize, which is expected to buy plenty of kibble for the new champion.

    The annual competition, held in Petaluma, highlights unique and unconventional canines, celebrating their distinct looks and lovable personalities. Wild Thang's triumph underscores the event's mission: to show that every dog, no matter their appearance, has a place in the spotlight.