Matt Case - February 26th, 2024 - 6:22am PST 

    Wendy's is set to introduce a pricing strategy that will see the cost of menu items vary throughout the day, a move that could lead to a Dave's burger being more expensive during peak times such as lunch and cheaper during slower periods in the afternoon. This approach, known as dynamic pricing, is designed to attract more customers during typically quiet times by reducing prices when demand is low and increasing them when the restaurant is busier.

    Wendy's Restaraunt - stock photo

    The aim is to balance customer flow throughout the day, reducing the idle time for staff during slow periods and managing the rush during peak dining times. As a result, prices on Wendy's digital menus will fluctuate, potentially increasing by a dollar during busy periods like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and decreasing by a similar amount during quieter times.

    Scheduled to begin testing in 2025, Wendy's plans to invest $20 million in digital menu boards to facilitate this change. According to CEO Kirk Tanner, these digital boards will allow the fast-food chain to adjust prices in real-time with minimal cost. While consumers are accustomed to variable pricing in sectors such as airlines and entertainment, as well as experiencing surge pricing with services like Uber, Wendy's will be the first in the fast-food industry to apply dynamic pricing at this scale.

    Wendy's CEO Kirk Tanner (pictured) said the company will invest $20 million on 'digital menu boards' over the next two years