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    Matt Case - June 20th, 2024 - 7:35am PDT 

    Venomous Snake Found Among Child’s Toys In Bed 

    SYDNEY, Australia  — A potentially dangerous encounter was averted when a venomous snake was found in a young girl's bed in Australia, nestled among her stuffed animals.

    Reptile experts were called to a home after the girl discovered a red-bellied black snake—a species known for its potent venom—hiding among her toys. Despite its reputation, the snake remained remarkably calm during the removal process.

    The incident, captured on video by the snake-catching company, was shared on social media, showing the experts carefully handling the snake without incident. The removal was described as uneventful, but the discovery left the family and local community relieved.

    🐍 Red-Bellied Black Snake in a Bed. 🐍 This Highly Venomous Red-Bellied Black snake was relocated from a child’s bed this morning in jimboomba after trying to blend in with some cuddle toys. ~Bryce

    Posted by Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast 0413 028 081 on Saturday, June 15, 2024

    Red-bellied black snakes are commonly found in Australia and, while their bite can cause serious illness, they are generally shy and avoid human contact. The quick and calm intervention by the professionals ensured a safe outcome for both the family and the snake.