Matt Case - August 29th 


    Country-rock-rapper Jelly Roll, amidst his spirited Backroad Baptism Tour, took a brief respite in Arkansas, the very home of retail giant Walmart. Seizing the opportunity, he decided to pay a visit to a local Walmart store to obtain a personal copy of his latest album, the resonant "Whitsitt Chapel." In an amusing and serendipitous twist, Jelly Roll chronicled this experience in a video shared across his social media platforms.

    In the video, Jelly Roll candidly confesses his long-held aspiration for his music to grace the shelves of Walmart, a retailer emblematic of mainstream recognition. The artist, now a luminary in his own right, initiates the video by divulging his imminent performance scheduled at the Walmart Center in Rogers, Ark., for the evening. This engagement prompts him to reminisce about a previous attempt to procure his album at a Walmart store, which yielded disappointment due to the absence of his vinyl records.


    I went back to wal mart and found redemption lol

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    With a touch of anticipation and a hint of nostalgia, Jelly Roll guides his fans through his expedition to the Walmart store. His excitement is palpable as he strides into the establishment, his enthusiasm punctuated by a distinct waddle in his step. As he jubilantly heads toward the store's music section, the artist's elation reaches its zenith when he is confronted with a prominent display of his very own vinyl records.

    Exclaiming with unbridled delight, Jelly Roll's exuberance reverberates through the store aisles as he triumphantly points out the array of his albums. "That's what I'm talking about! Yes, baby!" he exclaims jubilantly, encapsulating the profound satisfaction of witnessing his artistic endeavor celebrated within the realm of a major retail outlet.

    In this resonant and lighthearted video shared with his followers, Jelly Roll's journey to Walmart in pursuit of his own album encapsulates the convergence of a burgeoning artist's aspirations and the realization of those dreams against the backdrop of a world-renowned retail brand.JELL