- Matt Case 

    Mealtime habits exhibit considerable variation across different American regions, as indicated by recent research.

    According to data derived from the American Time Use Survey, conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2018 and 2022, most households consume their evening meal between 5:07 pm and 8:19 pm. Within this three-hour timeframe, the peak occurs at 6:19 pm, when a majority sits down to dine. However, such patterns diverge considerably on a state-by-state basis.

    The data highlights that residents of Pennsylvania tend to initiate their dinners earliest, commencing at 5:37 pm. Conversely, individuals in Washington, DC, partake in their meals nearly 90 minutes later, around 7:10 pm.

    Moreover, the duration of mealtimes also exhibits variance among states. Less densely populated states like Vermont and Wyoming observe notably briefer dining hours compared to states such as Kentucky, Indiana, and Arizona. Noteworthy examples of states favoring earlier dining, around 6 pm, include Maine, Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Alaska, New Mexico, Oregon, and Kentucky. In contrast, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas—all situated in the southern region—witness peak dinner hours initiating at or after 7 pm.

    Using data from the American Time Use Survey, between 2018 to 2022, we can see the percentage of households in the country who were eating during a given time.