Matt Case - November 9th - 6:13am PST 

    NEW YORK  — A quirky new trend is emerging from the corners of TikTok, with users advocating for storing toilet paper in the refrigerator. While it might raise eyebrows or cause double-takes upon opening the fridge door, this latest social media hack claims the practice helps keep the appliance's interior smelling clean.

    The concept hinges on the toilet paper's ability to absorb excess moisture within the refrigerator, which can often be the carrier of lingering odors from various foods. TikTok users supporting this hack suggest that the cool environment combined with the absorbent properties of toilet paper can create a fresher-smelling fridge.

    It might not be the most appetizing sight, but according to TikTok hacks, leaving a roll in there will keep your refrigerator smelling fresh.

    However, not everyone may be keen on mixing their bathroom supplies with their foodstuffs. For a more appetizing alternative, the same moisture-absorbing effect can be achieved using an old paper bag. This substitute not only recycles materials that might otherwise be thrown away but also avoids the potential squandering of a roll of toilet paper, a commodity that consumers have learned not to take for granted.

    As with many social media trends, this refrigerator freshening hack comes without any scientific endorsement. Experts have not weighed in on the effectiveness of toilet paper versus other traditional odor absorbers like baking soda. Still, the trend underscores the ongoing cultural influence of TikTok hacks, where practicality sometimes meets the peculiarity head-on.

    For those considering testing out the trend, it may be a harmless experiment — as long as one doesn't mind their chilled goods sharing space with bathroom tissue.


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