Matt Case - August 28th 

    It was amazing show last night at the Kitsap County Fair and Stampede in front of thousands of KAYO Country fans as Country legend and superstar Trace Adkins rocked Thunderbird Arena fresh on the heals of a major milestone. 

    Two decades of dedication to the Grand Ole Opry were celebrated in style as country music icon Trace Adkins took the stage for a memorable four-song set, amidst heartfelt messages from fellow artists and a grand gesture in the form of a colossal red velvet cake. 

    In a showcase of camaraderie and musical talent, Adkins, a stalwart of the country music scene, reveled in the spotlight on this momentous occasion. The event was a testament to his remarkable journey within the illustrious halls of the Opry, where his name has become synonymous with country music excellence.

    The festivities took a star-studded turn as fellow musician Blake Shelton, a figure closely linked to Adkins' career, sent his regards via a video message. Laced with a dose of Shelton's signature wit, the message invoked laughter among the audience as he humorously quipped, "I'm so happy that I could not be there." This light-hearted banter resonated with the audience, reflecting the enduring friendship shared by these two artists.

    It was a fitting touch of nostalgia that Adkins was the driving force behind Shelton's induction into the Grand Ole Opry in 2010, affirming the depth of their bond both on and off the stage. This gesture encapsulates the spirit of true friendship within the realm of country music, where genuine support and camaraderie often shine through, even amid good-natured jesting.

    As the melodies of Adkins' performance swept through the venue, the crowd was treated to the classic strains of "Kiss You All Over," an emblematic rendition that resonated deeply with fans. Following the performance, the artist's swift retreat backstage was not solely for a customary bow, but to partake in another highlight of the evening - a delectable slice of the sprawling red velvet cake.

    The grandeur of the celebration underscored not only Adkins' remarkable journey but also the significance of the Grand Ole Opry as a bastion of country music tradition. The evening's festivities served as a reminder that amidst the glitz and glamour of the industry, genuine friendships and the love for music remain steadfast pillars that unite artists and fans alike.

    As the echoes of Adkins' performance reverberated within the Opry's hallowed walls, the celebration encapsulated the essence of a musician's legacy, the bonds of friendship, and the enduring allure of country music.