Matt Case - February 15th, 2024, 6:36am PST 

    A TikTok user claiming to originate from the year 2671, known as @radianttimetraveler, has forecasted a series of cataclysmic and extraordinary events for the upcoming months. The account's predictions include:

    • On Feb. 17, Houston, Texas, is expected to be struck by a tornado spanning 17 miles in width, labeled an F6, potentially devastating nearly the entire city.
    • A discovery of an "ancient artifact" purported to transport individuals to another universe upon contact is anticipated on March 28.
    • The San Andreas fault is predicted to experience a 9.8-magnitude earthquake, dubbed "Big John," on April 2, leading to a 750-foot tsunami impacting the California coast.
    • An extraterrestrial entity referred to as "The Champion" is said to arrive on Earth on May 15, allegedly transporting 10,000 people to a new planet.
    • A potential second Civil War in the United States, with Texas and several other states, including Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and California, possibly seceding, is forecasted for May 27.
    • On June 29, 197 statues are expected to materialize worldwide, offering a chance of gaining a superpower or exploding upon touch.
    • An alien mothership, described as being the size of Mercury, is speculated to appear on July 4.
    • Over 2,000 dragons, capable of breathing fire and speaking English, are rumored to be discovered in the Rocky Mountains on August 15, with a call for peaceful coexistence.