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    Matt Case - August 23rd 


    Perkins, Oklahoma — A third-grade teacher is facing legal consequences after being apprehended for purportedly being under the influence while on duty. The incident unfolded at Perkins-Tryon Intermediate School in Oklahoma, where Kimberly Coates, 53, was pulled out of her classroom on the first day of the term for questioning by school authorities and law enforcement.

    According to reports, Coates was removed from her classroom by school staff who had noticed her allegedly carrying a cup believed to contain wine. The ensuing interactions with the school superintendent, Doug Ogle, and a police officer were captured on body camera footage released by the Perkins Police Department.

    In the footage, Coates is seen undergoing questioning, initially denying any consumption of alcohol at school. However, as the conversation progressed, she admitted to having consumed a significant amount of wine earlier that morning, following a prolonged period of denial. Ogle expressed concern about her behavior and apparent demeanor, suggesting that she may have been intoxicated since arriving at school.

    The encounter took a serious turn when Coates agreed to undergo a breathalyzer test, which produced a reading of 0.24 - three times the legal limit for driving. This revelation raised questions about her ability to carry out her teaching responsibilities effectively and responsibly.

    Coates also mentioned that she had taken anxiety medication earlier in the day, attempting to provide an explanation for her demeanor. She revealed that she had been seeking counseling for her drinking habits and admitted to consuming alcohol frequently.


    The bodycam footage, which shed light on the unfolding events, prompted Coates' subsequent arrest on Thursday, August 17, on suspicion of public intoxication. The incident has garnered attention and raised discussions about the responsibilities and behavior expected of educators in a school environment.

    As investigations continue, educators, parents, and community members are left contemplating the implications of this incident on the school's atmosphere and the role of alcohol awareness in educational institutions.