Matt Case - January 17th, 2024 - 6:50am PST 

    According to a recent Department of Transportation report, Rhode Island has the worst roads in the United States as of 2020, with more than 48 percent of its roads in 'poor' condition. This represents a significant decline in road quality, with a 33.3 percent increase in roads rated 'poor' since 2000.

    In California, motorists identified US-101, particularly in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, as the most frustrating road due to its slow-moving traffic, often below walking pace during peak hours. The congestion is intensified by the highway passing through several key tourist areas.

    Automaker Volvo pointed out the severe slowdowns on US-101 during busy travel times, compounded by high traffic from tourist attractions.

    Additionally, California's Interstate 5 (I-5), stretching from San Diego to Oregon, was ranked as the second most problematic road. The segment through Los Angeles is infamous for its bottlenecks and constant construction, causing substantial delays. Despite being a vital transport artery, the I-5's urban segments, particularly in Los Angeles, continue to pose significant challenges for drivers.