Matt Case - June 25th, 2024 - 6:58am PDT 

    Six Flags Visitors Leap from Rafts, Swim to Safety Following Ride Malfunction

    ARLINGTON, Texas — A startling malfunction on the Raging River ride at Six Flags Over Texas sent visitors into a panic as they were forced to abandon their rafts and swim to safety, a viral TikTok video revealed. The incident occurred when multiple rafts collided on the popular family attraction.

    According to the video posted Sunday, the trouble began when four rafts unexpectedly piled up. Seconds later, an additional raft slammed into the group, compelling frightened riders to scramble towards the pier. Amid the chaos, a park employee attempted to secure a raft, only to have it swept away, leaving passengers no option but to plunge into the water to reach safety.

    The video captured a particularly tense moment when a young boy, struggling in the river, was assisted by an adult who pulled him against the current, while onlookers shouted encouragement to rescue the child. The boy, along with two adults, eventually managed to climb onto the pier, drenched but safe, as other rafts continued to drift downstream.


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    As the rescued guests reached the dock, a park staffer hurriedly distributed flotation devices to ensure their safety.

    The cause of the pile-up remains unknown, though some social media users suggested that such malfunctions are not uncommon for the Raging River ride. Comments from ride-goers like Megan Burnett shared personal experiences of similar incidents, "That happened to us on the same ride," Burnett said. "We sat there while they drained the water, and we had to walk out."

    Other users described the ride as notoriously unreliable, with one claiming it to be a "death trap once it flips."

    Despite the harrowing incident, the Six Flags Over Texas website promotes the Raging River ride as an exciting adventure for up to 12 family members, cautioning that riders will "be soaked" and should expect "raging waves of water" to overtake their rafts.