Matt Case - December 17th, 2023 - 9:28am PST 

    Taylor Swift's frequent flights to see Travis Kelce, including more than 12 in three months, could position her as 2023's top celebrity CO2 polluter again.

    Her travel, interwoven with her Eras World Tour, has led to 138 tons of CO2 emissions. To offset this, she'd need to plant 2,282 trees. Despite owning two jets and buying carbon credits, her environmental impact remains significant. Her largest trip used 4,151 gallons of fuel, contributing to her notable carbon footprint.


    However, there is no question she has been onboard the jet during the many flights between Kansas City, New York and several other stops since September. The journeys have used up 12,622 gallons of jet fuel, which is calculated to be worth a whopping $70,779.

    Swift owns two multi-million dollar planes. Swift also travels aboard a Falcon 900 jet. Both planes are registered in Nashville, Tennessee