Matt Case - February 1st, 2024 - 5:08am PST 

    NEW YORK, NY - A recent survey reveals a high level of confidence among Americans in their decision-making abilities, with nearly three-quarters (74%) describing themselves as decisive. This self-assurance could be contributing positively to their romantic relationships, as 40% of participants acknowledged ending a relationship due to a partner's poor financial decision. However, the dynamics of decision-making within relationships are complex, as one in six respondents identified themselves as indecisive, yet half of this group seeks partners with a decisive nature.

    The foundation of this confidence in decision-making is attributed to several key factors. Participants believe their decisiveness stems from possessing good judgment skills (68%), confidence (63%), strong intuition (62%), the ability to think quickly (58%), and the capacity to interpret others' body language (54%). Despite this confidence, many still seek external advice for financial decisions from colleagues (35%), news sources (29%), and their partners (18%).

    When facing significant life choices, respondents rely heavily on conducting thorough research (55%) and creating pros and cons lists (55%), dedicating an average of six hours to research before making a major decision. Particularly noteworthy is the emphasis on certainty in major life decisions, with 60% of those surveyed wanting to be 100% sure before committing to buying a house, a higher percentage than those needing absolute certainty for marriage or divorce (57%), starting a family (44%), changing jobs (48%), or relocating (40%).

    The survey also highlights the challenges faced with everyday decisions, indicating a significant portion of respondents struggle with choosing what to eat (44%), what to watch on television (47%), and what to read (39%). These findings suggest that while Americans are confident in their decision-making abilities, the process involves a blend of internal conviction and external validation, affecting both significant life changes and daily choices.