Matt Case - March 25th, 2024 - 6:34am PST 

    SEATTLE — Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Logan Gilbert sparked a wave of reactions with his playful skepticism about Wyoming's existence during a TikTok segment hosted by the team's social media crew.

    While participating in a lighthearted Q&A, the Florida-born athlete was prompted with a hypothetical question: "If you had to eliminate one state, which would it be?" After a brief pause, Gilbert chose Wyoming, explaining with a chuckle, "I’ve heard it’s not real to begin with. Think about it, have you ever met somebody from Wyoming? Nobody has."


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    Gilbert's comments, seemingly in jest, tap into a peculiar online myth questioning the authenticity of the Cowboy State. This unusual theory, perhaps finding roots in a "Garfield" comic strip, has been a recurring theme in online forums, including a Reddit thread where thousands have debated Wyoming's existence.

    The playful conspiracy has even inspired a line of merchandise, with slogans proclaiming "Wyoming Isn't Real," reflecting the viral nature of this humorous debate. While Gilbert's remarks were made in jest, they've certainly added fuel to an ongoing, quirky online conversation.