Matt Case - July 10th, 2024 - 9:11am PDT 

    'Scrambled Pancakes' Trend Divides the Internet

    In a viral TikTok video, a user humorously scrambled pancake batter as if preparing eggs, inadvertently sparking a new culinary trend: "scrambled pancakes." The unconventional take on a breakfast staple has ignited a heated debate online.

    The dish resembles a funnel cake gone awry, with irregular, crispy edges. Proponents of scrambled pancakes praise their texture, claiming the increased surface area provides more crispiness and prevents the sogginess typical of traditional pancakes.


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    However, purists are not convinced. Many argue that pancakes should maintain their classic, round shape to be considered authentic. The comments section of the viral video is now a battleground for culinary traditionalists and adventurous foodies, each passionately defending their preferred pancake style.

    As the debate continues to sizzle, one thing is clear: scrambled pancakes have left a lasting impression on breakfast enthusiasts worldwide.