Matt Case - Jan 2nd, 2024 - 7:02am PST 

    Randy: Home Repair Expert From Shelton

    "If duct tape can't fix it, then you're not using enough duct tape. It's the universal fixer-upper!"

    "Who needs a plumber when you've got a fishing line and gumption? If it's clogged, just fish it out!"

    "Remember, if the instructions say it takes 30 minutes, it'll take an hour. If it says an hour, just clear your weekend."

    "I've got a tool for everything. Hammer for nails, duct tape for... well, everything else."

    "Why call an electrician when you've got YouTube and a reckless disregard for personal safety?"

    "I measure twice, cut once, and still end up three inches short. That's why God invented wood filler."

    "A little leak never hurt anyone. Just makes the floor easier to clean!"

    "Who needs a level? Just eyeball it. If it looks straight, it's good enough."

    "Forget about those fancy power tools. Give me a good ol' wrench and some elbow grease any day."

    "They say 'measure twice, cut once.' I say 'eyeball it and leave some room for error.'"

    "My favorite power tool? The credit card. It buys all the other tools."

    "Why use a stud finder when you can just hammer nails until you find one?"

    "Instructions are just another man's opinion. I prefer my own."

    "If your repair doesn't look pretty, just cover it with paint. Paint: the ultimate cover-up."

    "Remember, in home repair, confidence is key. And when confidence fails, there's always caulk."