Matt Case - August 23rd 


    Chicago — As the one-year anniversary of a viral video capturing a baseball fan using a hot dog as an unconventional straw approaches, Oscar Mayer, the renowned hot dog manufacturer, is embracing the quirky trend by introducing hot dog straws on its website. This limited-time offering is designed to celebrate the viral moment that took the internet by storm.

    The viral sensation originated from a TikTok video capturing a baseball enthusiast using an Oscar Mayer hot dog as a makeshift straw to enjoy his beer during a Yankee game. The video garnered widespread attention and has since garnered a staggering nine billion views, underscoring the captivating allure of the unconventional act.

    To commemorate this unique anniversary, Oscar Mayer is making available its own version of the hot dog straw, crafted from a food-safe soft silicone material that mimics the appearance and texture of a cooked hot dog. The company aims to capture the whimsical spirit of the original video while ensuring the product's safety and practicality.

    The hot dog straws, available for pre-order on the Oscar Mayer website, are anticipated to be in high demand. Given the popularity of the viral video and the ensuing buzz, Oscar Mayer recommends early action to secure the quirky accessory. Interested individuals are encouraged to place their pre-orders by September 5th, with a note that daily availability may be limited and prompt ordering is advised.


    The convergence of internet culture, viral moments, and consumer engagement has led to this unconventional yet lighthearted initiative. As Oscar Mayer commemorates the anniversary of an unexpected sensation, it invites fans and enthusiasts alike to partake in the whimsy and creativity that have come to define the brand.