Matt Case - October 4th - 6:42am PST 

    With Halloween approaching, has released its annual list of the nation's favorite candies based on 15 years of bulk candy sales data. Reese’s Cups take the top spot, followed by M&Ms and Hot Tamales. The site's analysis includes a state-by-state breakdown, showing Reese’s as the top pick in states like Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and Wyoming.

    Below are the top 10 Halloween candies in the U.S.:

    1. Reese’s Cups
    2. M&Ms
    3. Hot Tamales
    4. Skittles
    5. Sour Patch Kids
    6. Starburst
    7. Hershey Kisses
    8. Candy Corn
    9. Hershey’s Mini Bars
    10. Snickers

    Consumers are advised to consider these popular options when shopping for Halloween treats to avoid disappointing trick-or-treaters.