Matt Case - December 4th, 20203 - 6:58am PST 

    BOLINGBROOK, ILLINOIS - McDonald's is gearing up to launch its latest venture, CosMc's, a new spin-off restaurant, with the first location nearing completion in Bolingbrook. Despite the excitement, the specific offerings of CosMc's remain shrouded in mystery.

    The restaurant, an extension of an existing McDonald's in a Chicago suburb, reflects the company's innovative approach, drawing its name from a nostalgic McDonald's alien mascot. With its distinctive yellow and purple branding, CosMc's design seems to emphasize drive-thru service.

    Curiosity peaked when local Scott Fredrickson shared glimpses of the menu during testing, revealing a variety of teas, lemonades, sandwiches, soft serve, and baked goods. However, it's unclear whether this represents the final menu. Speculations are rife that CosMc's might challenge Starbucks, focusing on coffee and snacks akin to McDonald's McCafe line. Some fans also anticipate unique McDonald's items typically reserved for international markets.

    McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski, commenting on the new concept, described CosMc’s as a fusion of McDonald's core elements with a distinct personality. This announcement followed a significant sales surge for the company, propelled by popular items like the Grimace Birthday shake.

    ABC News captured footage of the ongoing construction at Bolingbrook. Meanwhile, TikToker @snackolator shared photos hinting at CosMc's coffee-centric drive-thru concept, potentially featuring international McDonald's delicacies.

    The menu previews on TikTok showcased a diverse drink selection, including 'signature galactic boosts,' iced teas, lemonades, slushes, frappes, and coffee varieties. The food menu seemed just as varied, with sandwiches, McMuffins, McFlurries, ice cream, baked items, snack boxes, and international treats like McPops.

    McDonald's plans to introduce CosMc's in select locations in early 2024, with more details expected at the upcoming investor day in December.

    CosMc, the mascot inspiring the chain, originated from McDonaldland, a fictional universe featuring Ronald McDonald and friends. This six-armed character from outer space became enamored with McDonald's burgers and fries, making his debut in a 1980s commercial alongside Ronald McDonald, Grimace, and other characters.