Matt Case - February 26th, 2024 - 6:55am PST 

    WEJHEROWO, Poland — A 19-year-old man could face three months to five years in prison after attempting to hide a stolen horse in his third-floor apartment, leading to an unusual police intervention in this northern Polish town. The incident began when local police received an emergency call reporting a man trying to maneuver a horse up the stairs of a residential building. Initially skeptical, officers were dispatched to the scene expecting to find a hoax, only to be met with the sight of a full-grown horse being led through the building's stairwell.

    According to Anetta Potrykus, a spokeswoman for the District Police Headquarters in Wejherowo, the young man was engaged in a heated exchange with neighbors who were attempting to prevent him from moving the animal into his apartment. "A young man was trying to lead a mare into the stairwell of a multi-family building," Potrykus told Radio Gdansk, confirming the caller's report.

    Investigations revealed that the man had stolen the horse and was attempting to conceal it within his apartment, presumably to evade detection. The feasibility of keeping a full-grown mare in a two-bedroom apartment, not to mention the logistics of getting the animal through the front door, appeared to have been overlooked in his ill-conceived plan.