Matt Case - January 30th, 2024 - 5:44am PST 


    NASHVILLE, TN - In an exciting announcement, Kane and Katelyn Brown shared that they are anticipating the arrival of their third child, adding to their growing family. However, the musical duo has more in store for their fans. The Browns recently offered a sneak peek at their upcoming romantic song through a captivating video posted on their social media platforms.

    The video showcased the couple, Kane and Katelyn Brown, along with their daughter, Kingsley, joyfully dancing to the melody while serenading with the heartfelt lyrics, "I won’t, never will / I don’t, never do / I can’t, never could stop loving you.” Kane Brown accompanied the post with a teasing caption, asking, “Who’s ready for this new music?”


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    The couple's fans expressed their excitement in the comments, eagerly anticipating the release of this new musical collaboration. The Browns' upcoming project has generated considerable buzz, and their supporters are eagerly awaiting its debut.