Matt Case - April 15th, 2024 - 8:36am PDT 

    According to a WalletHub study, Washington, D.C., ranks as the hardest-working city in the U.S. The analysis compared 116 of the nation’s most populous cities using 11 metrics to gauge work ethic and overall labor input. I find that a little hard to believe with all the bureaucracy and what seems like a complete lack of work but none the less... 

    How about we focus on the PNW, the South Sound and The Hardest Working Cities In YOUR COUNTRY

    Shelton, WA - Forestry and Logging Shelton thrives as a hub for the timber and logging industry, which demands rigorous labor and extensive hours from its workforce. The city's economy heavily depends on these natural resources, positioning Shelton as a cornerstone of hard work in the region.

    Puyallup, WA - Agriculture Known for the Puyallup Fair, the city's agricultural sector, especially hops and blueberry farming, plays a critical role in its labor market. Seasonal and year-round agricultural demands ensure that Puyallup's workers are among the most diligent in the area.

    Enumclaw, WA - Dairy Farming Enumclaw's economy is bolstered by its dairy farming industry. The city's farmers are renowned for their early mornings and late evenings, contributing to Enumclaw’s reputation as a hard-working community.

    Lacey, WA - Retail, Corporate Services, and Military  With a significant presence of retail chains and burgeoning corporate services, Lacey's workforce excels in customer service and corporate management. The retail industry, in particular, requires flexible, long hours from employees, highlighting their commitment and work ethic. In addition a large portion of US Military call Lacey home. The men and women in uniform who work at Joint Base Lewis McChord are on duty around the clock working hard to ensure our freedom. 

    Tacoma, WA - Manufacturing and Port Operations As a significant industrial center, Tacoma's workforce is engaged in manufacturing and port operations. The city's ports operate around the clock, ensuring that Tacoma is always on the move and contributing to its status as a hard-working city.