Matt Case - June 6th, 2024 - 8:31am PDT 

    Canada's First Free Grocery Store Set to Open 

    REGINA, Saskatchewan — Canada's first free grocery store, operated by the Regina Food Bank, is about to open its doors in Regina, Saskatchewan. The "Food Hub" will function like a regular grocery store, complete with sections for produce and display fridges. Open seven days a week, the store aims to support the community more effectively by allowing individuals to choose their food items, thereby reducing waste and potentially feeding 25% more people.

    David Froh, vice-president of the Regina Food Bank, emphasizes the importance of choice in providing dignity and better service to clients. He notes that pre-packaged crates often fail to meet dietary needs or preferences, resulting in significant waste. Clients like Jon White appreciate the new model, saying the freedom to select their food will prevent the need for bartering and help reduce waste.

    The Regina Food Bank serves a diverse group, including full-time workers and students. By allowing clients to shop as they would in any other grocery store, the Food Hub aims to combat the stigma often associated with food banks. Funded entirely by private donations, including a $1-million contribution from The Mosaic Company, the Food Hub will also support local agriculture and sustainability by sourcing much of its stock locally.