Matt Case - Sept. 1st 


    PITTSBURGH, PA - Tensions escalated at a Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park on Wednesday night, as an altercation over a porta potty erupted among several women, according to footage circulating on social media.

    The video, which has amassed over 3.5 million views, displays two women engaging in a heated argument beside a row of red porta pottys at the venue, best known as the home to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Audibly, one woman can be heard exclaiming, "F*** you. You do not cut in front of me."

    The disagreement quickly turned physical, with the women grappling with each other. One woman was shoved backwards into the portable toilets. An onlooker emerging from a nearby porta potty appears taken aback by the unfolding scene.

    The skirmish intensifies as another woman joins in, seemingly pinning one of the initial combatants down inside one of the toilets. Yet another woman arrives, pulling the two assailants off the woman and delivering a forceful punch to one. A nearby man intervenes, attempting to deescalate the situation.

    The scuffle eventually subsided as additional concertgoers stepped in to separate the involved parties. The video has since stirred ample commentary on social media, with users weighing in on the unexpected brawl at the country music event.