Matt Case - June 12th, 2024 - 7:20am PDT 

    Survey: Dads Rely on Duct Tape as Their Go-To Fix for Everything

    Cleveland — When it comes to quick fixes around the house, dads have a secret weapon: duct tape. A new survey by Duck Tape brand duct tape, released ahead of Father’s Day, reveals that 87% of fathers see themselves as the family handyman, with duct tape being their top tool for a variety of repairs.

    The survey of 1,000 U.S. dads highlights the pivotal role of duct tape in their toolkit:

    • Widespread Use: Nearly all fathers—95%—keep a roll of duct tape handy, whether in their toolbox or workshop.
    • Versatile Fixes: An impressive 91% of dads have used duct tape to fix various household items, from car bumpers to doorknobs, sneakers, and toys.
    • Go-To Tool: For 63% of dads, duct tape is the preferred solution for quick repairs.

    The bond between dads and duct tape is often passed down through generations. Seventy-one percent of fathers recall their own dads using duct tape to repair everything from fishing rods to lawn mowers and phones, and 82% hope to instill the same practical skills in their children.

    With Father’s Day approaching on June 16, duct tape could make the perfect gift. Given that 63% of people prefer giving practical presents, restocking Dad’s duct tape supply might just be the ideal choice this year.