Matt Case - Sept. 5th 

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. government unveiled its latest initiative in smart textile technology, named SMART ePANTS, aiming to transform everyday clothing into sophisticated surveillance tools. These advanced garments will mimic the feel and function of regular attire while incorporating capabilities to capture audio, video, and geolocation data.

    Scheduled for production are a range of items including shirts, pants, socks, and underwear. These articles will be equipped with discreet micro cameras, sensors, and microphones that integrate seamlessly like threads. Additionally, they will feature energy harvesters driven by the wearer’s body movements.

    The program aims to provide surveillance clothing to government personnel and first responders. Cameras could be placed inside fabrics to go undetected (pictured)

    Sources indicate the National Intelligence Department has already invested $22 million in the venture, targeting its use primarily for undercover agents, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical technicians.