Matt Case - Dec. 29th, 2023 - 7:05am PST 

    Country Music Trends In 2024

    Are characterized by a significant blend of genres and the emergence of new artists. A key prediction for the year is that many country artists will bridge the gap between rock, pop, and hip-hop, leading to big crossover collaborations. This trend is not far-fetched, considering that genre-bending superstar Post Malone has shown interest in country music, and other artists like Shinedown, Kid Rock, and Nickelback are featuring in major country festivals​​.

    Emerging artists are also defining the country music scene in 2024. Some of the notable artists to watch include:

    Emily Ann Roberts: Known for her appearances on "The Voice", Roberts has been influenced by artists like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton. Her album "Can't Hide Country" features a blend of traditional country sounds and modern influences.


    Dylan Gossett: An Austin, Texas-born singer/songwriter who started by sharing covers online. His debut EP "No Better Time" has shown significant success.


    Colin Stough: After finishing third on "American Idol" Season 21, Stough has been growing his craft with a mix of southern rock and traditional country music.

    Logan Crosby: Known from the TV show "Claim To Fame," Crosby has been gaining attention for his storytelling and honky tonk anthems.

    Chase McDaniel: Gained fame for his personal and heartfelt music, reflecting his life experiences.


    Matt Schuster: A newcomer to the scene, Schuster is making waves with his unique style.

    These artists represent the diverse and evolving nature of country music in 2024, showcasing a mix of traditional influences and modern trends​.

    Additionally, Jelly Roll, a notable figure in country music, is set to release a new single "Halfway to Hell" in the new year, which is expected to resonate well with country music fans​.