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    Matt Case - May 29th, 2024 - 8:08 am PDT 

    Houston Named America's Filthiest City in New Study

    HOUSTON — Contrary to popular belief, New York and Los Angeles are not America's filthiest cities. A recent study by a pest control company has crowned Houston as the new champion of grime, citing an abundance of roaches and dirty air.

    Newark, New Jersey, previously held the title for the highest levels of creepy-crawlies and smog, but now ranks as the second dirtiest city. San Bernardino, often referred to as ‘The Armpit of California,’ has claimed the third spot on the list.

    Meanwhile, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore have been noted for having the most significant issues with mice and rats, further highlighting the diverse pest problems across the country.

    The study sheds light on the varying types of urban cleanliness challenges faced by different cities, with Houston standing out for its particularly high levels of roaches and air pollution.