Jes Wes

    Hey! Jes Wes here from KAYO Workdays. A little bit about me? Well I am from San Diego, California and have been in the South Sound for 5 years now. I have been in radio in various cities and have been a DJ in just about every format out there. My favorite is Country Music, hands down! What makes me Country? Well, I think it's just the music. My Grandpa use to have a cow farm in Hemet, CA, but that ain't what makes me Country. It's just the music. My favorite hobby right now is finding random recipes to cook just to see if I can do it and to see how it tastes. Not to mention, in the process I am teaching myself to be a better cook. I do like getting out every once in a while to be active. But for the most part, I'm the skinniest couch potato you will ever see. I love me some Netflix. I am your true and avid Netflix binge watcher. 
    So to summarize, I like Country music. The Country Music culture is God, Fam, Country. I love to cook (and grill), have fun, watch my Netflix and turn up my Country on 96.9 KAYO!  Let's Go!!