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    This is the Mixed Review, the movie review podcast where you get to hear two perspectives.  You get a positive review and a negative review.  It's kind of like Siskel & Ebert, but, it's just me.  Here are reviews of some Oscar nominated movies.  I'll add more soon, and once all current reviews are posted, you can expect a new review about once a week.  


    Mixed Reviews -- Avengers Infinity Wars


    Mixed Reviews -- Chappaquiddick


    Mixed Reviews -- A Quiet Place


    Mixed Reviews -- Isle of Dogs


    Mixed Reviews -- Ready Player One


    Mixed Reviews -- The Party


    Mixed Reviews -- Tomb Raider


    Mixed Reviews -- Thoroughbreds

    Mixed Review -- Annihilation

    Mixed Review -- Black Panther

    Mixed Review -- Call Me by Your Name

    Mixed Review -- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Mixed Review -- Darkest Hour

    Mixed Review -- The Shape Of Water

    Mixed Review -- The Post

    Mixed Review -- Phantom Thread

    Mixed Review -- Lady Bird

    Mixed Review -- I, Tonya

    Mixed Reviews -- Get Out

    Mixed Reviews -- Dunkirk

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