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Capital Way I-5 Bridge

by Tom Newman - KGY/KAYO Director of Sales

As a businessman working in Seattle, I traveled the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Portland many times. When southbound from Seattle, I looked forward to driving through the Olympia area because it was such a pleasant and scenic part of the trip. After an hour or more of bumper-to-bumper and stop and go, it was a relief to see the regal dome of the capitol building rising above the tree line, the arch bridge, the historic Olympia Brewing Company building in Tumwater ("It's the Water") and the endless greenery; the evergreens and deciduous trees, the ivy, and overall lush appearance of the roadside landscape. Indeed, Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater was unique on the interstate corridor: three beautiful, moderately sized cities without the typical (and expected) aura of commercialized congestion and industrialization common to most urban areas.

I often thought, "This would be a nice place to live."

Well, I live here now, and I still appreciate the I-5 drive through this area, perhaps more than before. If the freeway is temporarily backed up (yes, it happens now and then, more than it used to), I relax, look around, and remember how fortunate I am to be living in this special area of Western Washington. As a newer resident, I can't really say if the one-of-a-kind "drive-through" grandeur of Olympia/Lacey/Tumwater was meticulously planned or if it just organically evolved over time into the jewel that it is. What I can say is it is another good reason (on a long list of good reasons) why I am happy to now call this area home.

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