Embracing Families, Empowering Women

Official 96.9 KAYO Photographer:

Shanna Paxton Photography

Shanna and Jeff are a husband and wife team, Jeff is the logical ‘half of the brain’ and Shanna is the creative side, together they make the ‘perfect brain’.

Our first photoshoot with the KAYO Girls is complete! Check back regularly to view newly released KAYO Girl and KAYO event photos!

About Shanna:

My accent is cute, I am from South Africa, listen for words like vase, glass and banana unless I am feeling very american.

I grew up watching a ton of American shows and movies and have always wanted to live in this country and have a white picket fence and a to die for large front porch.

I studied for 5 years in South Africa at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (say it three times last, I dare you). Its called NMMU or Mooo for short.

I wanted to do photography since I was 8 and started at age 16. I love doing it for so many reasons but one is that it makes people feel good to know that they can go back and revisit that time in their lives. Another is because it is just to much fun not to do, duh.

I love studying how women are portrayed by the media even though it can make me hate every magazine and media piece for a day or two. One of my big dreams is to educate others about the depiction of women in photography and change they way this is done in some way.

I have been photographing people in different situations (events, family, children, high school seniors, wedding, portraits) for ten years. I have plenty of experience in working with children, my au pairing years have helped with that. In my studies I specialized in the depiction of women in the media, which helped me create a variety of empowered portraits of women.

About Jeff:

Jeff Gibson was born and raised in the Olympia area. He spent his twenties working throughout Thurston County from retail to social service to state service, all the while keeping service to the public foremost in his mind.

He spent three years within the insurance industry, building relationships throughout the Thurston County business community and a reputation as a strong networker for his clients and fellow business colleagues. During this time, Jeff not only developed his skills at selling through his network, but also to successfully market a business.

In April of 2014, Jeff joined his wife, Shanna, to market and network for Shanna Paxton Photography in the Thurston County area.


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